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Review is from 5/23/11

Sam Sherwin – Iodine Cocktails (Cowardly Lyin’ Music)

Sam Sherwin’s second collaboration with producer Randy Crafton, “Iodine Cocktails" provides a host of Brit-rock-style kicks and sophisticated pop thrills. Influenced by mid-period Stones, Bryan Ferry in mid-80s suited splendor, and Robert Palmer’s rock ‘n’ soul sensibility, there’s an element of “gentleman rock star" to Sherwin’s presentation, but an apprenticeship served in the clubs of Detroit and NYC gives him an edge, and whatever laurels have been earned, he’s not yet ready to start resting on them.

Opening cut, “Anymore" sets the scene; Hammond organ, piano and guitars lay down the tune, while Sherwin and backing vocalist, the wonderful Karli Maloney, add the croon. It’s a formula that works, whether they’re slowing things down as on “Without You" (think “Angie" with Bruce Hornsby-esque keys) or letting rip on the bluesy “Lick Your Lips". Absolutely worth checking out if any of the above rocks your boat.