Running a website like samsherwin.net is a lot like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

You promote, get website visitor, they drop out... you promote, get more website visitors, they drop out...

But today I wanted to address the "leaky bucket" effect that keeps website owners and online businesses running on a treadmill without reaching their income goals.

I've identified 5 ongoing challenges that can keep you from reaching your business goals with your online business offering.

Ongoing Challenge 1: Attracting Leads and Getting People to Opt-In

In order to sustain your website and sell your product, you need people who are interested enough to actually consider your offers.

Building an engaged list of subscribers is the key here... but did you know there's a way your website can help you with that?

Ongoing Challenge 2: Converting Leads into Happy Paying Customers

Once you've figured out a way to get more people to join your email list, you need to tell them about your paid product and offerings in a way that converts.

The standard email marketing funnel works... but if they don't buy, there are more organic ways to get them to purchase your paid offerings right inside your website.

Ongoing Challenge 3: Having a Leaky Checkout Experience & Losing Out On Sales

Once you've done all of the hard work of getting people to say yes to your paid offerings... you definitely don't want to lose out on sales by having a leaky checkout experience.

Statistics show that 77% of people who click the “Buy Now" button never complete their order, but there's a way to recoup these sales.

Ongoing Challenge 4: Increasing Return Customers and Recurring Revenue

Once you've got customers... your job is done, right? Not so fast!

You can offer more solutions, products, and ongoing access to these same customers over time... because the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% and the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Ongoing Challenge 5: Customers Who Fall Off The Wagon and do not buy

Customer retention is key to the long-term success of your website. But it's normal for customers to fall off the wagon, get busy, and stop logging into your website.

Or is it?

If you use smart nurturing strategies, you can keep your customers engaged and actively benefitting from your website to reduce drop offs and refunds.

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These are real challenges that never seem to go away...

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Thanks so much for reading - and next time I'll be talking about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to technology! (You might be surprised about this one.)

With appreciation,
-Eric "simplifying tech" Jones

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08.01.15Steve Keith

Hi - I was searching around for an old acquaintance and I came across your site. On your 'remember back when' page, you have a photo with Fred Rackin in it. (Eric Rackin band). Fred was up in Boston when my band was hot and he lived with a bunch of us for a while. We went down and visited him in NJ, ending up in Newark right around the time that Sniff 'n the Tears was big. If you have any info about Fred, please let me know!


10.29.13valli kemp

Fantastic Web Page Congratulations !

08.02.13Lúcia Moniz

Hello Sam!

I'd love to join you this time ! But the TV series I'm filming now got extended one
more month so I'll be only traveling on September. Ill let you know if I stop by New
York. I'd love to have the chance to meet and share the stage and music with you

keep in touch

Hope all is well :)


06.23.13Francoise Pascal

i've just look at your website really brilliant! Good luck with all your projects! If i was in NJ i'd come to see you! X


JCTMagazine is having a showcase for talent search on June 28th 2013 at 7pm waterbury, ny for more info contact poppa t 203-768-2948

05.04.13 Lúcia Moniz

hello, Sam!

Thank you so much for your support on my music!
of course id like to get the link from the interview and live performances:)
have a great time!

All the best,

05.03.13Sonny Rock

Sam, I'm your radio host on WRIP 97.9FMM for Tuesday May 7th. Thanks Sonny. The web site for the station is www.rip979.com.

11.28.12Barbara Magnolfi

Thank you Sam, I visited your site...nice work great sound and voice! Complimenti !

11.28.12Irene Miracle

Hey Sam, thank you! enjoyed listening to your music. Keep those muses dancing.

11.13.12Hillorie McLarty

any interest in the promo package or an ad?

12.14.11scott kevelson

still rockin.....love your stuff....like a good wine....gettin better with age

12.12.11Mike Carparelli

Sam! I don't surf as much as I like to on the internet, but it's always a treat coming to a great site like yours. Your music is fresh and you are a great guy! You inspire many people including me to be part of the greatest community in the world! the MUSIC COMMUNITY by real MUSICIANS like you! thank you Sam for being a friend.
Mike Carparelli

12.11.11Nancy Semon

OK. I'm tryin to leave a message for the 2nd time. Sam, your music is awesome. Why a major label hasn't signed you is their loss. You would have sold millions and millions of CDs by now. Listen up, record exec dudes!

12.11.11nancy semon

Sam, your musc is awesome! Why oh why you haven't sold millions of cds with a major label is beyond me. Listen up, dudes!

12.11.11Pamela Vandenberg

Hi Sam, I am so excited about your new album “Iodine Cocktails"! You and the talented musicians in your rock solid band have created a terrific album with music that sounds just as exciting as the albums cover art suggests; an eclectic updated mix of rock, soul and blues that warms the heart! I love it! Congratulations!


Boy I love this new album. I keep saying I'm going to take it out of my CD player but it keeps sucking me in for "one more time" . The music gets better each time...songwriting hotter, vocals sweeter, riffs tighter

12.10.11Marcus Brooks

What a find! Iodine Cocktail. A great choice of songs. I have been a regular visitor to Sam's site and have over the past few months dipped into All Things Sherwin! I love it. Such a tight sound. I Love, Miss Me, Some Other Girl, Get Close and ANYMORE...I am big fan of your tuttie fruitti backing vocals. Been a long time since I've heard a band and songs like these and I found them by accident. Everyone should get the chance to hear them! Outstanding Sam. Now when are you coming to the UK? ;)

12.07.11Marci & Gary Martino

Really loved the cd. Listen to it all the time. Very catchy. Great songs, lyrics as well as music. Good Luck and keep us up to date with gigs

12.07.11a casual admirer

The excitement that Sam's music generates makes my head explode in a brain-spray of awesome!

12.07.11Daniela Lima

Hello sam,
I only want you to say that I like your songs. My favorite songs are "Anymore", "whithout you" and "Going Nowhere" so far! I hope to see you in Portugal. Iodine Cocktails is very good. Congratulations continue to make good music. xDL

12.07.11Ted Newsom

It's music! It's rock! It's Iodine Cocktail! Jeeze-- what a neat record!

12.07.11Steve Reed

The Sam Sherwin Band are utterly awesome, I'm really looking forward to getting a copy of Iodine Cocktails soon, have been listening to some of the tracks for some time now, and also reading about the Stateside gigs - I only wish you guys would tour the UK soooon!!!

12.07.11Mijs Tarietha

Hi Sam, Great Music,well done! I love your music.wish I could watched your live perfomence., Keep rockin' okay?

10.21.11John Harris

The guy knows how rock! Great combo of rock, blues and soul that is perfect to either cruise with the top down on your car or add to your Ipod mix and breathe some life into your party when the gang comes over!

"Lick your lips" is probably one of my new favorite tunes!

09.17.11Robin Cook

You guys were AWESOME at Sullivan Hall the other night! The CD is amazing! I'm definitely coming out to see you guys rock it again!

09.16.11Esteban 'EQ' Asencio

Hey Sam great show yesterday, you rocked Sullivan Hall

09.12.11Dee Feldman

Wow - I am so proud to have witnessed this process. From the time we hooked back up on FB I have watched you pour your heart and soul into this CD and have learned so much about you from your writing. Love the music!

08.17.11Vera Day

Brilliant guitar playing and vocal sultry and earthy loved it all. would love to see the band live in action if and when they visit London U.K

07.08.11Lúcia Moniz

Hello, Sam. Love the vibe of your songs!
"Going Nowhere", my favorite, so far! Next time i go to NY hope to see you and your band live.
All the best !!

07.08.11Andy Katz

Love the new cd Sam! I know I said "Dirty Little Secrets" (Sam's last CD, for those that don't know) was my favorite, but upon repeated listening to "Iodine Cocktails", it's hard to decide which one I like better. It's ALL good! By the way, the guy on the cover of the CD, in the background (playing trumpet) is extremely handsome!


Heard you ran into TC' at Walter's the other night.
Was just talking to Jay about you a couple weeks ago and he said you were still rocking hard. Long time since jamming in West Orange and my Capitol days.
Gonna have to check out the band. Maybe see you at Sullivan Hall.

07.07.11Ron Howden

Hi Sam....good to hear from you...say hi to Dena and Donna for me...I will be at BB kings the 17th aug...with Nektar....hope you can make it

06.24.11Sheila Flynn

Love the site! Wishing you much success!


I love your site Sam! Congratulations :)

02.17.11Lisa Lipton

I wanted to comment about a few things I just LOVE on the album. Two of my favorite moments are 1. On ANYMORE towards the end when you're singing with the back up vocals and you're singing in a defiant shout "That's not how we do it" and 2. in the song WITHOUT YOU: they way you pause and sing "a little...falling" almost like a sigh. That is GENIUS. I can really feel it! OKAY---there is a third: Love the concept of Old Canal---haven't we all wished we could fall in love with someone with whom we just had no chemistry...it would be so much easier than being alone...if only we could. That song (and also Going Nowhere ) has a nice drunken Ray Davies feel...but totally a Sherwin sound. Love them!

02.11.11Ilise Lipton

Iodine Cocktails! A rockin' melange of love, loss, and optimism. The songs keep dancing through my head while I'm at work., and I can't wait to get back in my car and pop in that CD and listen some more!!!


Thank you for the good, new music. Love it!

02.03.11Jenna S

Sounds like you've got something good going here! Keep up the great work!!

02.03.11Dave S.

GREAT CD! You and the band have totally outdone yourselves!
When is a YOUTUBE video going to be available???


A friend of mine told me about this new album called Iodine Cocktails. Instantly I was grabbed by the first track "Anymore". From there I fell deeper and deeper in love with the entire album. It's like Sam Sherwin and his band blew fresh air into Classic Rock n Roll. I would love to see this band live!!!

01.24.11Doug Kennedy

Yo Sam - Congratulations of the new record. I'm lovin' the music.Hope to see you play live in NYC sometime soon. Cheers - Doug Kennedy


These songs are killer!! Where the hell did you come from?? i'm totally blown away.Kick it out man.!


01.02.11Moon Hill Mama

Listened to Iodine Cocktails for a month now. Heavy hittting lyrics and a cumulation of my three favs, David B, John M and Bob D. You Southern/Rock my world.! Thanks.

01.02.11Julia forsyth

666 my ass...

12.29.10Julie Forsyth

NICE R&R listening, Sam! This may just be your best year...and more to come!

12.27.10Sarah Kendell

I'm a longtime fan of Antigone Rising and I caught your radio interview on WUSB last week. I had no idea Dena plays in your band and I really like your songs they play on the station..I recognize Lick Your Lips now that I hear it on your site. I live out on Long Island but will try to catch your show at The Mercury Lounge.

12.26.10Tim Sullivan

Iodine Cocktail is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. It's not gimmicky, but straight ahead great mulsic for grown ups, and the production values are superb.


Sam! The new website looks great!
Iodine Cocktails is getting A LOT of airplay around here. Congrats on such a wonderful album! I'm enjoying it immensely! I like the songs you've chosen for the website (still love ANYMORE!)
More later...
P.S. Tell Peter I said HI!

12.26.10James Sagler

Saw you guys at the R Bar this past summer and you were awesome. Can't wait to catch the band again soon. Great material,great band.